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 Gazan children still suffering from anxiety

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PostSubject: Gazan children still suffering from anxiety   Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:46 pm

Palestinian experts say children in the Gaza Strip continue to suffer from anxiety and depression despite Israel’s war ending 20 months ago.

Psychiatrist Abdel Aziz Thabit said during a seminar held in Gaza on Tuesday titled “The Children of Gaza 20 Months After the Zionist War on Gaza-The Psychosocial and Social Effects” that children in Gaza continue to suffer from anxiety although the war ended a relatively long time ago.

Thabit called on international organizations to play their role in protecting children at the time of war and to make a new program focusing on the use of social adjustment and how to apply it.

Quds Open University academy fellow, Dr. Suhail Diab, said that Israeli authorities insist on overthrowing the education process to make the Palestinian people ignorant, as clearly reflected in its targeting educational facilities during the war.

He said the psychological effects of the war left on children significantly contributed to the effects of the educational aspect.

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Gazan children still suffering from anxiety
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