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  Hamas calls on Abbas to end "pointless talks"

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PostSubject: Hamas calls on Abbas to end "pointless talks"   Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:23 am

In an apparent attempt to realize Palestinian reconciliation, Hamas called on de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to pull out of “pointless talks” with Israel, end security coordination with occupation forces, and stop persecuting Hamas supporters in the West Bank.

The group said in a statement on Tuesday: “We call on Mr. Mahmoud Abbas and the Oslo group to immediately stop pointless negotiations, end all forms of security coordination with the Zionist occupation, recognize the failure and frivolousness of their political choices, adopt a political program that protects constants and rights, and earnestly tend to achieve a national Palestinian reconciliation.”

Hamas also called on PA security forces to cease persecuting and arresting Palestinian fighters and resistance forces who defend Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.

Palestinian unity and reconciliation is the correct way to defend the Palestinian people and to keep their cause from being liquidated, the group stressed.

Resistance remains the only strategic choice able to protect national rights, achieve the “right to return” for refugees, and establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, the statement went on to say.

The movement concluded the message by saluting the people of Jerusalem and the Palestinians in Israeli occupied territories, saying: “We assure our people we will not rest until we see Jerusalem mighty and free from the clutches of the brutal Zionist occupation.”

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Hamas calls on Abbas to end "pointless talks"
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